10 Reasons to Choose FBD

Why Choose Franchise Buyer Direct to Help You Sell Your Franchise Business?

You’ve been building a successful franchise business for years, and now you’re ready to sell and reap the rewards of your hard work. Franchise Buyer Direct is a unique seller support service that will help you with every step of selling your business – from determining the fair value to finding a qualified buyer. Here are the top ten reasons to use Franchise Buyer Direct to sell your franchise business:

  1. Franchise Re-sales is All We Do
    The only businesses we help to sell are franchise businesses. We have many years of experience in helping franchise businesses secure financing, so we know the industry extremely well.
  2. We’re Franchise Financing Experts
    We have been helping entrepreneurs, investors, franchisees and franchisors nationwide for years to obtain financing for startup, acquisition, expansion, and refinancing for their franchise businesses. This is why we created Franchise Buyer Direct. We have already been assisting franchise owners with pre-screening their business financials and other information to help determine loan potential even before we have a prospective buyer. Many of those sellers (franchisees) came referred to us by the franchisor (Franchise Corporate Office). It is our financing specialty and knowledge (full-service loan packaging, relationships with top aggressive lenders) that is the key to helping you sell your business. We have several franchise finance websites that discuss our Franchise Advantage Program in detail, including FranchiseFunding.net, FranchiseLoans.com, and FranchiseTiger.com. Make sure to view the many different franchise loans (both SBA and Non-SBA) that we have helped fund recently. Most buyers will need financing to buy your business. We will make sure that we maximize their chances.
  3. FBD is Well Versed at Reviewing Business Financials
    This is already part of our daily process. We will review and pre-screen your company financials (business tax return, P&L, balance sheet, interim financials) to help determine and strategize our plan of action. We want to determine that a serious buyer will be able to obtain a business loan. We also review any business financials that a buyer would have to show a proven track record of success. This review process is fast – within a day or two.
  4. We Help You Determine an Asking Price
    Because of our background in business finance, and our experience with reviewing business financials, we can help you maximize your return by helping you determine the right asking price. We have extensive support to properly determine current market price. You should not have to settle for seller financing. Our goal is to get all of your money upfront!
  5. You’ll Save Lots of Money
    Franchise Buyer Direct charges a fee of just 4% of the purchase price upon the completed sale. Our only other charge is a $150 processing fee upon initial listing for our Gold level of service. Why pay 10 - 15% of your hard earned money to a traditional business broker. It is simply too much to pay. Instead, save thousands of dollars that you can re-invest or use to help build your nest egg by choosing Franchise Buyer Direct.
  6. Now You Have Another Option
    Most business brokers are hard workers, but selling a business is not always easy. Therefore, most will concentrate on their “high-end” listings – the ones that will make them the most money. Our specialty is small business franchise sales and our goal is to have a long term relationship. We want your referrals and your future business. Selling your business on your own requires a lot of time and effort, as well as expertise you may not have in areas like pre-qualifying buyers and advertising. We do all of this for you, and for much less.
  7. Your Privacy is Always Retained
    Franchise Buyer Direct will preserve your privacy at all times. It is a top priority. Since you want everything to remain status quo while going though the sales process, your employees do not need to know you are selling your business. Confidentiality Agreements are used for all potential buyers who are reviewing company information and financials.
  8. We Pre-qualify All Prospects
    Since we are franchise finance experts, we will pre-qualify all potential buyers, which requires extensive daily pre-screening of potential borrowers. We will have them fill out a personal financial statement (PFS), personal income and expense sheets (PIE), pull their credit report, review their past work experience, fill out a “Buyer Profile” page, and confirm that they are serious, motivated buyers. We’ll quickly determine if they qualify for a loan or if they will be financing the purchase themselves. We will only introduce prospective buyers if they pass all of our requirements.
  9. We Promote and Advertise Your Business
    Franchise Buyer Direct feels that the best way to promote and market your business is by maximizing your internet exposure on the most visited/high traffic business and franchise for sale websites. We know the top industry websites and currently advertise our financial services on several of these sites. This is simply where most quality buyers are now going to buy a business. And it is increasing every year. We will list your business on a minimum of 5 websites as well as our own site. Our goal is to maximize interest in your business, which will increase the chances of more prospects and a final sale.
  10. We Have a Simple Service Agreement
    Unlike traditional business brokers with their standard long-term listing agreement (usually one year), we do not lock you and your business into that long of a commitment. All that we require for our Gold level of service is a 6 month time period to properly provide our 7 Point Process to Success. We believe in giving your company flexibility. If we are unable to provide you with quality, qualified buyers within a reasonable amount of time, then we are not doing our job properly.

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