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Keeping the sale of your business confidential can be critical to the selling process for a variety of reasons. Your customers, employees, creditors and competitors may all view the sale of your business differently. Many qualified buyer prospects will not be interested in a business opportunity that has not been handled in a confidential manner.

Even if these things don’t concern you, the most important reason to keep your sale confidential is the possibility that your businesses may remain on the market for an extended period of time. Many buyers aren’t interested in businesses that have been for sale for a long time. If the word gets around, it may drive the value of your business down or make it difficult to sell at all.

That’s why FBD always keeps the sale for your business strictly confidential. We know how to attract buyers with blind ads. Then we screen and pre-qualify them before they learn the specifics of your business. Prospective buyers must demonstrate that they are sincere, interested and motivated before they can be registered with FBD.

Franchise Buyer Direct (Keystar Capital, Inc.) does not guarantee seller confidentiality of potential buyers or that we will sell your business. Our service entails soliciting for buyer prospects who we pre-qualify for potential business sale. We are not business valuation specialists, nor do we recommend final selling price. Our review of business for sale financials are for the sole purpose of evaluating potential financing needs (business loan) for a buyer prospect.

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