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Preparing to Sell Your Franchise Business

Before you put your business on the market, there are many things you can do to make the selling process easier and help you maximize the value you gain from selling. Here are some things to consider before you sell:

Have Realistic Expectations – FBD will help you set a realistic price and time frame for the sale of your business. Remember, savvy qualified buyers will only consider businesses that are competitively priced.

Be Sure Your Books Are In Order – Having well-kept, verifiable records of sales, expenses and profits for the business's past performance is something every buyer will want.

Make A List Of Assets – You’ll want to compile a list of all of your equipment, furniture, vehicles and any other assets the business may have.

Tidy Up The Shop – You’ll want the physical plant of your business to look as good as it can before you sell. Cleaning, painting and repairing broken equipment will help you maximize your value.

Why You Are Selling – Most buyers will want to know why you are selling your business and reach a level of comfort that there is no undisclosed information which can negatively impact the business at a future date.

Make Sure You Are Ready To Sell – When a qualified buyer is ready to make the move and buy your business, you must be prepared to move forward expeditiously. If you are not absolutely sure you are ready to sell, it’s probably not a good time to put your business on the market.

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