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10 Steps to Selling Your Business

  1. For the Gold Level, when you are ready to make the move and sell, fill out our Seller Information Form and we’ll send you our Introduction Package which includes a checklist of information we’ll need along with our Listing/Finders Fee Agreement. Sign and return the agreement along with our $150 processing fee and you’re ready to go. Other fees apply for Silver/Bronze level.
  2. Return all of your checklist forms and financials to us, including your business profile and seller’s cash flow analysis. When received, we will arrange a phone meeting with you to review all of your information and make sure it is complete.
  3. At this point, we’ll send you a “Buyer Term Sheet” which outlines lender financing terms.
  4. A “Business Valuation” is set up (recommended, not mandatory) and a selling price is finalized.
  5. Your business’s listing is marketed and placed on a minimum of 5 proven Business-for-Sale websites. A copy of the business profile/listing is sent to you. All potential buyers are directed to our website to fill out the “Buyer Profile” form. The pre-screening process begins. Serious prospects are pre-qualified by a phone interview. A confidentiality agreement is signed by pre-qualified prospects only.
  6. Status reports are presented to you at the one-month mark.
  7. Interested, pre-qualified prospects are introduced to you while the search for buyer prospects continues.
  8. A conference call will be set up with buyer and seller to discuss details of the acquisition.
  9. A meeting will be arranged between the final buyer and seller.
  10. Purchase agreement signed and business sale finalized/closed.

I'm Ready to Sell

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