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Why people want to be in business for themselves

Many people make the move and leave their job to start their own business. Why do people want to be in business for themselves?

Here are the four most stated reasons:

  1. Want to do their own thing, to control their own destiny - Many people report that they are tired of working hard to make money for someone else. Others report that they can build the kind of business that they are proud of. Still others think there is more security when you own your own business.
  2. Don’t want to work for someone else – The idea of “being your own boss” has great appeal to many people.
  3. Want to make better use of skills and abilities – Management and operations skills used in many jobs translate well into running your own business
  4. Want to make more money – While there is risk involved with owning your own business, most people are quick to realize that successful business owners have higher than average incomes.

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