Valuation Services

Valuation Services

Together with Nationwide Valuations, we have performed thousands of business valuations with accuracy and quality on a national basis. And franchises are our specialty! Whether your business is worth $50 thousand to over $100 million, our valuation services can help you meet the requirements of the IRS, national leading institutions and courts of law around the country. Reputation and years of experience have assured the highest quality of work!

If you are interested in selling your franchise business, most buyers feel more comfortable receiving a business valuation from a reputable appraisal service. If financing is necessary, most institutions and the Small Business Association (SBA) require an appraisal from a third party appraisal service. Business valuations can also been performed for divorces, partnership buyouts, estate planning and inheritance taxes. Wouldn't it make sense for you to know exactly what your business is worth after so much hard work and dedication?

Contact us toll free at 888-875-6228 if you are interested in our Valuation Services. All information is strictly confidential.

The Biggest Mistakes When Getting a Business Appraised

Most business owners will need to know how much their business is worth at some time and will be faced with finding someone to perform the appraisal or valuation. Since this is unfamiliar to most owners, often big mistakes occur.

Mistake #1 - Hiring Your Existing Accountant or CPA Firm

Most business owners assume that all Accountants and CPAs are competent at business valuations. Often many CPAs have little or no valuation experience or training. Most CPA firms are reluctant to admit their lack of experience and are often reluctant to turn down additional revenue.

Mistake #2 - Valuating Your Own Business

Many business owners think that they can valuate their business accurately and get a quick estimate but, most of the time the figures are flawed. There are many rules of thumb involved that only a trained professional will have experience in.

Mistake #3 - Automatically Hiring a Professional Who is Referred

Referrals mean many different things to different people (such as a brief encounter). Also, reputation alone may only be slightly better at finding a competent person to evaluate your business.

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