Initial Buyer Interview
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Business Objectives:
Have you ever owned and operated a business before?
How long have you been looking?
Have you seen anything that has been of interest?
Are you presently employed?
What kind of business are you looking for?
Are you interested in a specific listing? If so, what listing?
Timeframe to purchase?
Which of the following would you consider? Retail Food and Beverage
Service Liquor related
What location or area would you consider?
Spouse involvement?
Overall business objective?
Financial Objectives
Amount available to invest?
Source of funds?
Minimum Monthly income requirement?
What price range are you considering?
Personal Considerations
Will there be anyone else assisting you in this decision?
What times are best to contact you? Morning Afternoon Night
How would you like us to contact you? Email Telephone Standard Mail
What are your favorite web sites to view businesses?
Where did you hear about our service?

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